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"Last week while leaving for a business trip, I was leaving my house when I noticed I didn't have my phone. I turned around and headed back to my home where I pulled into the driveway to see my phone sitting in the center of my trucks tire marks in the dusting of snow that was on the driveway. I immediately paniced thinking I would be without a phone, but surprisingly when I picked my phone up off the driveway it was in working order, with only the case broken. I can not believe that I drove over my phone with a F250 and it was not broken." -David N.


"True story -- the very first day I had the case (and the third day I had the phone), when getting out of my car and putting on my winter coat for some reason my phone went flying. I watched in slow-motion Hell while my brand new phone skidded/spun at least 10 feet across an asphalt parking lot. Not only was there zero damage to my phone, but there wasn't even any damage to the case or holster." -Customer Feedback, April 2011.


"You all need more recognition. Your product is phenomenal and blows all other cases out of the water, especially the Otterbox. :) Your product is definitely a Cop's best friend. Thank you for saving my phone several times!"

-Sean G.

The [Evo 4G CONVERT combo] bounced across three lanes of traffic after it fell off my bike when I was riding in the city. No damage to the phone.

-Customer Feedback, March 2011.




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