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Employee Testimonials

"Our customers don't like the idea of running out of battery life and having the inconvenience of being chained to a wall outlet. This light and portable Charging Vault is a great resolution. The Charging Vault is the perfect way to conveniently keep your smart phone charged and ready to go, on-the-go!"

- Rebecca, Customer Service Representative


"SEIDIO is very excited about the release of the Charging Vault. We’ve always been known as a leader for extended batteries and rugged cases, but now we’re bringing customers extra battery life with absolutely no added bulk to their smartphones. There are also some convenient features that make this charging solution ideal for travelers’ on-the-go. We’re thrilled and hope our customers will feel the same way! "

- Jennifer, Marketing Coordinator


"My accounts are always looking for the next best accessory to complete their product offerings. My clients will be thrilled to carry a universal power bank for their domestic and international customers. "

- Stephanie, Account Executive

The idea of the Charging Vault comes from knowing that consumers drain their batteries quickly and are often away from outlets. When I use the Charging Vault, I never have to worry about my battery dying on me in the middle of the day no matter where I am. Having it with me is basically having my wall outlet in my pocket.

- Kevin, Product Support Specialist


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